2020… Is this my year?

This title probably sounds a bit drastic, I mean my life ain’t bad. It’s pretty good actually but definitely exhausting. P.S. Happy New Year!

So, I’m in my final year at University (4th year) and I feel so far behind I’m not sure there’s any coming back.

Literally only have 11 weeks left.

I work 2 jobs on top of uni, like most people I’m sure. I keep taking on extra shifts knowing how much it stresses me out!! Not sure I’ll ever learn.

Anyway, it’s a new year and I intend to enjoy it. I’ve rejoined the gym, attempting healthy eating and all the usual jazz but I haven’t made any resolutions other than ‘Dont let yourself down’.

I have plenty to look forward to this year and can’t wait to share it with you all.

Lots of love, K xo

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Uni Life

Where to start …. OMG!

I have about 8 weeks left at University and I’m freaking the beak! As usual I feel like I’ve left everything last minute and now in a complete panic trying to get things done.

I’m writing to-do-list after to-do-list but still don’t seem to be getting things done. Like most people studying I work 2 jobs that work around my timetable but I feel it leaves me no time left to study.

I have 2 pieces of coursework, 2 full reports, a literature review, a class test, an exam and I’m pretty sure there’s something I’ve forgot but anyway I really don’t have much time to get all this done.

I’m wasting time by using to Google to search things like – how to find time to study or the best ways to study … I mean why don’t I just get the work done instead of faffing about!

Just a wee rant, but anyway I’ll keep you updated on how I get on with my assessments!

Speak soon, K xo